Lisa Giobbi (Choreographer/Artistic Director) has distinguished herself as among the early innovators of aerial dance. 

Since founding the Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre in 1991, the company has performed in theaters and opera houses throughout Europe and the United States as well as outdoor festivals and sports arenas, most notably at The Joyce Theater in NY, La Scala in Milan, La Fenici in Venice, as well as multiple engagements with the Boston Dance Umbrella Aerial festivals, Frequent Flyers Festival and the Santa Rosalia Festival in Palermo. She was a three-time guest artist in the Deutche Opera in Berlin.

Her aerial track "gestures of fury, sweetness, and love," (Folha Digital) are featured in Diluvio, written and directed by Gerald Thomas which premiered at the Teatro SESC Anchieta theater in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2017/2018). S.O.L.O performed and directed with Gerald Thomas, and written by Gerald Thomas premiered in Copenhagen (2018).

Lisa was the aerial movement coordinator for Dragon Spring Pheonix Rise directed by Chen Shi-Zheng and choreographed by Akram Khan. She organized and trained 12 artists in preparation to dance in harness at 85 feet. The piece premiered in the McCourt Theater at The Shed, New York City (2019).

Her aerial dance work has been repeatedly presented at the Wintergarten Variety in Berlin, the Apollo in Düsseldorf and the Friedrichbau in Stuttgart. She has toured excerpts from her Falling Angels show throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East with the British band the Tiger Lilies and the gala show Daniel Ezralow and Friends.

Lisa continues to focus on evolving aerial track dance as a singular dance form. She created full evening aerial track productions Fight or FlightFight or Flight Too, and DeThroWned, which premiered at the Theater for the New City in New York and The Muse, Brooklyn respectively. Excerpts of Fight or Flight have been performed at, among other venues, the Winspear Opera house in Dallas, Texas and the Muse, Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York which is her permanent track home. 

Giobbi has created choreography for, and performed in, film, including What Dreams May Come directed by Vincent Ward and Temptesta directed by Tim Disney as well as for independent films, music videos, commercials, fashion shows, benefits, television specials, Off-Off Broadway, cabaret theater, gala presentations and rock concerts.

Her Off-Broadway work as choreographer and/or performer has been featured, amongst numerous other off and off-off productions, in Ildiko Nemeth’s Some Historic, Some Hysteric, David Rabe's Those the River Keeps and David Lynch's Industrial Symphony #1.

Ms. Giobbi was the choreographer for five years for New York City’s Big Apple Circus. She choreographed and performed with St. Louis’s Circus Flora where she worked in the air, on horses and an African elephant.

Lisa holds an MFA from the Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconson. A BFA graduate of Juilliard, she joined MOMIX in 1983 where she collaborated and performed with Moses Pendleton throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas for eight years. She choreographed and performed with Pilobolus, collaborating on a number of pieces including Televisitation, Return to Maria La Baja and Lands Edge which remain in the repertoire, as well as with Martha Clarke including the Garden of Earthly Delights, Vienna: Lusthaus, Vienna: Lusthaus Revisited, Endangered Species and A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

Lisa has contributed her essay “Into the Sky: Aerial Dance” to the book A Life in Dance, A Practical Guide by Rebecca Stenn and Fran Kirmser. Recognizing aerial's increased popularity and hirable skill set for the working dancer, Lisa offers universities lectures and lecture/demonstrations in the use of aerial track as a tool to transform the dancer through experimentation with ungrounded movement realities.

Lisa explores the physicality of the body in anti-gravitational space using aerials as a metaphor for the universal desire for freedom: freedom from political, personal, and physical limitations. Freedom from our inevitable return to the earth. Aerial work enables a restructuring of the laws of gravity imposed by nature and those restrictions that are self imposed; redefining the rules which sustain our accepted state of reality to uncover another, ungrounded reality.

Aerial track work is a unique kinesthetic experience not only for the performer, but just as kinesthetically dramatic for the viewer. This is not only working in three dimensional space, or “flying”. It is physically connecting with inherent universal dreams, time alteration and primal desires for freedom from gravity.

Lisa explores these themes through the performing and plastic arts. Her sculpture and sculpted jewelry is an extension of her choreographic work.




(1991- current) Artistic Director/Choreographer/performer

National and International touring including:

Joyce Theater “Altogether Different” : Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre

La Fenice Opera house in Venice, Italy: Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre

La Scala Opera house in Milan, Italy: Choreographer for prima ballerina Oriella Dorella



“Fight or Flight”

“Fight or Flight Too”


GERALD THOMAS: Writer/Director

“Diluvio” : Choreographer, performer

“S.O.L.O.” : Co-Director, Choreographer, performer


“Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise” : Aerial Movement Coordinator


 “Garden of Earthly Delights”: performer

“Vienna: Lusthaus”: performer

 “Endangered Species”: Choreographic collaborator/performer

“Vienna: Lusthaus Revisited”: Choreographic collaborator

 “Midsummer’s Night Dream”: Aerial Choreographic collaborator/performer

MOMIX: Artistic Director Mosis Pendleton

National and International touring company member- choreographer/performer

Rai Television specials: Pisa, Mantova: choreographer/performer

Deutche Oper in Berlin, Germany: 2 time guest artist

PILOBOLUS: Artistic Directors- Robbie Barnett, Alison Chase, Jonathan Wolken, Michael Tracy

“Return to Maria La Baja”-Choreographic collaborator/guest performer

“Hot Pursuit”-Choreographic collaborator

“Televisitation”-Choreographic collaborator

 “Land’s Edge”-Choreographic collaborator

“The Golden Bowl”-Choreographic collaborator/guest performer

OFF BROADWAY (selected):

“Those The River Keeps”- Promenade Theater, NYC. Writer/Director: David Rabe

“Industrial Symphony #1”- B.A.M., Brooklyn, N.Y.,Writer/Director: David Lynch

“Some Historic, Some Hysteric”- Director: Ildiko Nemeth- Choreographer

GALLA TOURS/stadium shows; dances choreographed and/or performed by Lisa Giobbi:

“TITAS Command Performance”, Dallas, TX

“Daniel Ezralow and Friends”, U.S., Israel and European touring

Stadio Angelo Massimino (capacity 23,420), Bid for Olympics in Catania, Italy

“The Tigerlillies Circus”, European touring

“Il Festino de Santa Rosalia”, Director: Daniel Ezralow, Palermo, Italy

“Amsterjam”-Randals Island, NYC


Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre-

Aerial Dance Festival, Boulder, CO

Dance Umbrella , Boston, Mass


Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre-

Apollo Variety- Dusseldorf, Germany

Wintergarten Theater- Berlin, Germany

Friedrichsbau Variety Theater- Stuttgart, Germany

Fliegen Bauten- Hamburg, Germany


“Circus Flora”: Artistic Director: David Baulding- Performer/choreographer (aerial dancer and specialized work with horses and Flora the elephant )

“Big Apple Circus”: Choreographer


"Tempesta"Director: Tim Disney-Choreographer/performer

"What Dreams May Come"Director: Vincent Ward- Choreographer: Annabella Sciorra and Robin Williams water waltz

“Industrial Symphony #1” Director: David Lynch- performer

COMMERCIALS (selected):

“Love Safe”AIDS P.S.A. - Director: Sharon Barnes- Choreographer/performer

“Figure Meccaniche” Lucian Rochat Watches-Choreographer

 “Let Yourself Go” National Dupont Lycra commercial Director: Paula Walker-Choreographer/performer

MUSIC VIDEOS (selected):

Tommy Lee- “Hold Me Down” Director: Dean Karr-Choreographer/performer

Tina Turner- “Look Me in the Heart” Director: Paula Walker-Choreographer

Gloria Estefan- “Don't Want to Loose You” Director: Paula Walker-Choreographer/Performer

FASHION SHOWS (selected)

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show: aerial choreographer

Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows: aerial choreographer and/or performer (3 years)


Group showVENERE Pietas e Belta, GiovArti, Centobuchi, Italy, Nazareno Luciani, curator

Group show CRAFTASTIC, Pelham Arts Center, Pelham, N.Y., Lynn Honeysett, curator


Screen Actors Guild



The Juilliard School, BFA

The Peck School of the Arts, U.W.M., MFA Summa Cum Laude